Computer-Mediated Communication Use - Applications - Computer-Mediated Communication Information Sources

There are many examples of computer-mediated communication used for many purposes on the Internet
  • Education: Education is one of the big applications of computer-mediated communication
    • Edu Resources: Top Education resources; lists resources demonstrating the use of online communication for education
    • Edu Institutions: Education information; list of resources to locate information on educational institutions, including online, computer training, and primary and secondary schools
    • Instr Tech: Instructional Technology Connections; directory of resources related to instructional technology; by Martin Ryder, University of Colorado at Denver, School of Education
  • Government: World governments have recognized the value of providing information to citizens via computer-mediated communication
    • Top Gov: a list of resources for finding out about government information
    • USA Gov: United States government information online
    • Public Policy: Links to public policy issues online
    • Info Economy: The Information Economy; The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues Compiled by Hal R. Varian
    • Law/Policy: Internet Law and Policy Forum; business association that focuses on the issues facing governments and businesses as the Internet becomes an increasingly significant aspect of our economy and society
  • Commerce: Commerce has embraced computer-mediated communication as a way to reach customers and conduct business and sales
    • Cyberatlas: Resource for Internet trends and statistics
    • Marketing:
    • IS World: Association for Information Systems; an entry point to resources related to information systems technology for information systems academics and practitioners
    • Shop the Net: Example of online shopping; provided by the Direct Marketing Association; trade association for companies interested in direct, database and interactive marketing; site includes tips for online shopping
  • Communication: Communication is the killer app of online communication, enabling people to communicate via synchronous and asynchronous means
    • Collaboration: Section from World Wide Web Organization's web on collaboration; covers collaboration, knowledge representation, annotation of objects by objects, notification, and any other issues which arise in the creation of shared information systems and collaborative development
    • Conferencing: Conferencing on the Web; a comprehensive guide to software for discussion on the Internet, including econferencing, forums and message boards, instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, groupware, social software for virtual communities, virtual teams, collaborative workgroups, intranets, e-learning, knowledge management; maintained by David R. Woolley
    • Conferencing Test: focus on web conferencing solutions for smaller and medium-sized companies and the self-employed; a test of numerous web conferencing software systems in an independent software review; features, ease-of-use and security as a well as an important decision-making aid for selecting your ideal web conferencing solution
    • Collaboration: Group & web collaboration information and software; business collaboration and other related collaborative web content management software system(s); information about co-operative and collaborative group document management, content, creation, editing and publishing utilising Internet technologies
    • Groupware: Groupware section from Usability First; groupware is software designed for groups and for communication; This section provides a general overview of groupware, computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and associated design and usability issues
    • Mass: List of mass media outlets; use to locate newspaper, television, radio, magazine, Web sites, and streaming media outlets
    • Tools: List of Internet tools; includes coverage of communication; list of software that is used for interpersonal, group, mass, and interactive communication on the Internet, ranging from email, messenger, conferencing, groupware, blogs, IRC, MUDs, etc.
  • Language: The world of online communication has developed its own vocabulary and ways to distribute literature
    • NetLingo: Dictionary of Internet terms; words and definitions that describe the online world of business, technology, and communication
    • FOLDoC: Free Online Dictionary of Computing; hypertext dictionary of computer and Internet terms
    • Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg; producer of free electronic books (eBooks or eTexts)
    • Human:; guide to human language-related Web sites
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