Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 1, Number 8 / December 1, 1994 / Page 2

Editor's Page

by John December (, Publisher/Editor

This issue

The Web and Net as a new medium for communication is spreading to new contexts. In "Beyond the Press Release: the Web as a Campaign Tool," CMC Magazine Chief Correspondent Chris Lapham reports on the role the Web played in Senator Edward Kennedy's campaign as well as in ongoing communication with his constituents.

Stephen Ward looks at the role of the Internet in the Business Community. and David Strom describes how the Net can be used in journalism.

A chapter from Michael Strangelove's new book, How to Advertise on the Internet examines the shift in publishing paradigms. Wendy Pepping also describes how the Net transforms electronic publishing.

This issue includes a new item--a review of a CMC-related communications forum: Mick Doherty's review of Megabyte University (MBU-L)--Computers and Writing list. Also, there are some new items for the "From the Nets" department: a tour in search of trivia and TV, a more informal road trip, and a short waves notebook.

Thank you

I want to thank the following people who have provided advice or guidance, or have reviewed or critiqued articles during this year (some of these articles did not appear in Volume 1).
Laura J. Gurak
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Department of Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication Program
Jean-Claude Guedon
Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Montreal
Leslie Harris
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Susquehanna University
Dave Taylor
Educational Computing, Purdue University

Welcome to CMC Magazine

Lee Honeycutt is now Production Manager. He has done the HTML markup for many articles in last month's as well as this month's issue. His sharp eye and previous experience working for UPI are a valuable asset to the magazine. He's attained HTML skills rapidly, and is training others how to prepare articles using HTML.

Kevin Hunt has joined as Publicist and Assistant Editor. He has experience in interface/graphic design, writing and editing, and project management. As Publicist, he'll not only provide information to the public about CMC Magazine, but he'll work to foster participation in the CMC Studies Center People Page.

Chris Lapham, Chief Correspondent for CMC Magazine, has extensive experience working as a writer. She has worked as a freelance feature writer for the Albany Times Union for about five years. She also wrote science news and produced a technology segment for a local public radio station. She brings an excellent perspective as a journalist to the magazine, and I have asked her to serve as a representative of the production and copy team on the magazine's editorial board.

The Future

Look for a special issue of CMC Magazine on January 1st.

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