Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 1, Number 8/ December 1, 1994 / Page 9

Trivia and TV

by Lisa Schmeiser (

For all of you who grew up watching too much television, it's easy and fun to transfer that habit to the Web! The Klingon Language Institute Home Page offers a mail-order course where you can bone up on the basics of as well as opportunities to participate in the English-to-Klingon Bible translation project or the Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project... On a far less serious note, Melrose Place junkies can find maps of the building, weekly episode updates, and Freudian analyses of every episode on The Melrose Home Page...Finally, a Top Ten reason to visit the Web: the David Letterman Web Server, including Top Ten lists, monologue transcripts, and sound bites.

Those of you going home for the holidays don't have to leave your computer to do your shopping. All sorts of Christmas Collectibles can be found in the on-line Cape Fear Christmas Catalogue ("Your One-Stop Internet Stop For All Your Christmas Needs.") As for those of you who are beginning to fret over the inevitable family Trivial Pursuit games, visit the Astronewt Home Page and dazzle your friends with scientific observations about the newts which flew in the space shuttle Columbia this summer. Regarding those history questions, just access the American Memory Home Page maintained by the Library of Congress. Or, if you play Trivial Pursuit to win, just visit Miscellaneous Information Sources, which will hook you up with an ASCII transcript of NAFTA, the WWW Virtual Library, and many other helpful tools.

Next time: sci-fi finds, romantic homepages for that on-line Valentine, and whatever else springs from the Net. ¤

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