Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 1, Number 1 / May 1, 1994 / Page 8

From the Nets...

The Net Used to Address Worldwide Hunger Crisis

by Daniel Zalik (

(April 25) The wedding of hypertext, multimedia, and the network is a revolution unparalleled since the invention of moveable type by Gutenberg. If used wisely and responsively, we have the power to educate, to empower, to exort, and to be informed as never before.

The HungerWeb is the first web site devoted to hunger and related issues. It is designed to be both a platform for general hunger education and a resource for research into hunger. Hunger is not a political problem, nor an agricultural problem, nor an economic problem, nor an ethical problem. It is all of these things. For this reason, the HungerWeb has original pages on

  • Hunger and National Security
  • Hunger and Overpopulation
  • Hunger and the Environment
  • Hunger in the Bible
  • Poor in the USA
  • Six Myths and Facts about Hunger
  • What is it like to be Hungry?
  • To further access to research, advocacy, and politics there are extensive hunger resources spanning the United Nations, UNICEF, Covenants and Conventions, the United States Department of Agriculture, United States Agency for International Development, United States Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance, Census Data, White House Hunger documents, relevant Supreme Court Rulings, and much more. While many of these resources have long existed on the net, they are now specifically organized and catalogued for hunger use.

    There are plans for hunger quizzes that will spawn hunger links to educate a user based on his/her mistakes, and an interface through which users will be able to mail their Congressional representatives, the President and Vice President on the urgency of ending hunger.

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