Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 1, Number 7 / November 1, 1994 / Page 8

From the Nets

by John December (


Did the crowded hallways, under-capacity rooms, and failed air conditioning get you down in Chicago? Try the WWW2 Electronic Proceedings online, the way the Web was meant to be ... » Philip Elmer-DeWitt prepared a good ten-minute overview about the Internet which aired on "The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour" on October 19th ... » Welcome to the Web: Time, Inc. launched a Web-based magazine, Pathfinder offering "writing and photography and a whole lot of other Internet goodies." ... » Wired launched HotWired ... » Changes: MeckerWeb's Christopher Locke is no longer president, and MecklerWeb's general manager Paul Gudelis is expected to realign the much-hyped, under-sponsored, graphics-heavy information "community" to better support Meckler's paper-based publications ... » Other big projects: MCI launched network MCI and IBM has started its Global Network... but will they come? ... » Toronto, October 26th: more than one hundred "McLuhanites" celebrated Marshall McLuhan's life and work, including Barry Nevitt, Eric McLuhan and Maurice McLuhan... a new McLuhan book with software is forthcoming ... »


The access thread: How shall the government provide widespread access to the Internet/Web? Through libraries (focusing on community-based information providers with experience in helping people make sense of and use information)? Or through Post Offices (focusing on federally-controlled conduits)? ... » The hype thread: Rance Crain, editor-in-chief of paper-based Advertising Age dismisses the current interest in online communication as "'cyberspin' designed to build urgency and credibility for a new technology that to my way of thinking will never be more than a niche player for our time and attention" (October 24, p. 18). ... »


ReliefRock for Rwanda virtual benefit concert ... » The US White House ... » Santa at the North Pole ... » radio you can see ... » beer-sponsored culture you can read about ... » Nostalgia: I watched Lost in Space way too much while growing up ... » Thinking of looking up an 800 number online? You will! ... ¤

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