Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 2, Number 1/ January 1, 1995

Contribute More, Judge Less

In response to a new subscriber who expressed disappointment about the content of the list, John Oughton said:
Date:         Thu, 24 Nov 1994 11:43:16
Sender:       Creative Writing in Education for Teachers and Students
From:         John Oughton (john.oughton@SHERIDANC.ON.CA)

Well, it's up to you, as a member of the group, to help push discussions in the direction you're interested in. If you just sit back and bitch about the content, nothing will change. Ask a specific question, make a specific request, and you'll get reponse. All of the issues you've raised (and many others) have been aired over the past three years, and will be again. Coming up with conclusions via your one-week window on this group is kind of like taking one scene from by it. Contribute more, judge less, and ye too shall become a happy Crewton camper... -- John O.


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