Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 2, Number 3 / March 1, 1995 / Page 2

Editor's Page

by John December (, Publisher/Editor

Thanks for this issue

Of course, as always, thanks to the usual suspects who work well to put this magazine together each month. Special thanks for this issue to: Lee Honeycutt, Mick Doherty, Chris Lapham, Kevin Hunt, Kirsten Cooke, Lynne Cooke, Lisa Schmeiser, Amelia DeLoach, Jason Teague, and Nick Weaver.

Thanks to Jason Teague for creating the art for our first-ever cover.

Thanks to Robert Brogan at Sage Publications for permission to reprint the introductory chapter of Steve Jones' new book, Cybersociety: Computer-Mediated Communication and Community.

Thanks to Barbara Bernstein at Hampton Press for permission to reprint an excerpt from the introductory chapter from the second volume of an important series of books, Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom.


Barrington Nevitt, author of Who Was Marshall McLuhan? A Mosaic of Impressions Explored, reviewed last month in CMC Magazine by Mick Doherty, passed away in early February. He was a reknowned McLuhan scholar.

Megabyte University reviewed by Mick Doherty in our December 1994 issue, now has a FAQ.

In this issue

Nancy Kaplan explores E-literacies in the late age of print. She originally presented this article as the keynote address delivered at the Second Domains of Literacy Conference at The University of London, 1-3 September 1994. We're very pleased to have this work in our magazine. Her article presents a fascinating exploration of hypertext both in form and content.

Enjoy the issue!

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