Masthead CMC Magazine / February 1, 1996

Do We Need Mass in the Medium?

by Chris Lapham

When your mother, father, or some other relative asks you to explain exactly what it is that you do... again... do you pause for a moment to frame your answer so there will be some glimmer of recognition, or perhaps even a nod of approval? I'll venture that most new media professionals and all the Net-savvy working online have faced this situation at some time. And, to be quite honest, most of us probably enjoy being part of the cyber-clique, the ones "in the know" who not only understand but really enjoy working with computers.

It's new found power--truly awesome power--and being able to wield that power and shape a new medium is really heady stuff. Muting the obvious conceit that may arise from this situation is the fact that keeping pace with the constantly accelerating pace of the technology and its ever-better applications is an all-consuming task. All-nighters, 100-hour- plus work weeks, and more and more information and sources keep us running hard and fast. --It's time to glance backward.

Chris Lapham ( is Chief Correspondent of CMC Magazine. She will be editing an upcoming special issue on Web business models.

Copyright © 1996 by Chris Lapham. All Rights Reserved.

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