Masthead CMC Magazine / February 1, 1996
  Information Technology Systems as Publics, by John Monberg

Analysis Directed by Four Tensions

These four central tensions defining a public can orient case studies of emerging electronic forums. Information technologies often form what Craig Calhoun names the infrastructure of modernity. These phenomenon are abstract and difficult to anchor in the experience of everyday life. They are more clearly expressed in a context not often considered as a site for communicative interaction--banking.

In a quick overview of coming changes, Robert Steele, designer of the advanced banking "Merlin Center," notes that the future of banking "may eventually include everything from super-branches, mini-branches, interactive video kiosks and remote ATM sites to point of sale terminals, mail, phones, screen phones, laptops, PCs, personal digital assistants, multiple-application smart cards and full-service home banking."

How should we --think about these changes?

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