June 1996


Anti-Technological Attitudes Online

Question: What do the labor movements and Ted Kazenski have in common?

Answer: Sites supporting the aims of both the UNABOMER and labor groups are on the World Wide Web even though part of their raison d'etre is to oppose technological changes that will ultimately harm the "common man."

In November, CMC Magazine will explore the irony of technology-wary groups establishing an Internet presence to further their goals. Hence, we are seeking articles that examine how and why these groups go online, what outcomes they have experienced, as well as what results they anticipate.

We are seeking submissions from a variety of perspectives and hold no biases except that all ideas must be clearly presented and supported.

If you are interested in contributing, consult the CMC Magazine editorial policies and direct your rough draft or a highly detailed submission proposal before September 1, 1996 to Amelia DeLoach or John December. [TOC]

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