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A Loan

by John December

Tori Amos sheds the pure, white dress from her CD Under the Pink and now situates herself in alien territory. In the song "Caught a Lite Sneeze" from her latest CD, Boys for Pele, she sings:

boys on my left side
boys on my right side
boys in the middle

Women on the Web might feel this same way: An October 1995 survey by a team from the Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing found that 70.7% of Web users responding to the survey were male. [ []Shade comments on Web demographics]

That proportion of women Web users is not unlike other proportions in "real life:" the school I attend, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute enrolls approximately that same minority proportion of women, sharing a similar gender imbalance as most technological and engineering schools. And women's representation in other areas--from the U. S. Senate and to corporate and academic leadership positions--is even more disproportionate considering women's status as the majority gender on earth.

But why has the World Wide Web--right from its outset, --replicated this gender imbalance? [TOC]

John December ( studies and writes about the online world.

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