Masthead CMC Magazine / March 1, 1996
 The Gendered Mystique, by Leslie Regan Shade

Spinning the Web for Women

Although Spender doesn't delve too much into an analysis of some of the online content that is being developed for and by women, it is proliferating and flourishing. For instance, Yahoo's Directory under Society & Culture-Gender Issues-Women; the Pleiades Networks; and Links for the Discriminating Web Diva, are just a few of the indexes that have been created to link women's online content. It's like a revival of the multiplication of women's periodicals, publishers, distributors, and bookstores which sprung up about twenty years ago, as a response to the malestream publishing order. As well, a variety of venues exist to get women online and lend technical advice and support, such as the Cybergrrl Webstation ; Voxxen Worx; NrrdGrrl!; Geekgirl; Spiderwoman Home Page; and Virtual Sisterhood.

For a more extensive list of Net resources, Carla Sinclair has written the definitive (at least for now) --guide.

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