Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996
 Two Years on the Web, by John December


Getting good material in the first place, I've learned, is one of the key parts of good publishing. In the early days of the magazine, I relied on my electronic mail contacts to develop writers and find editing assistance. With the influx of fellow graduate students interested in the magazine, I now work in-person with almost all the staff of the magazine to develop ideas and techniques for finding good authors.

In the course of my travels to conferences and Net events, I have learned to be always on the lookout for an author who might provide excellent material for the magazine. Having worked identifying chapter contributors for two commercial books, I've gotten into the habit of always listening to ideas about computer-mediated communication and encouraging people to consider writing--whether they eventually write for CMC Magazine or not.

Today, I rely more on the contributing editors to acquire and develop content from potential writers and create new coverage areas for the magazine. Key to this work is our monthly, face-to-face meetings. I found that these have been crucial in developing a strong focus and consensus about the techniques of defining, acquiring, and developing excellent material. ^

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