Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996
 Two Years on the Web, by John December

Promotion and Marketing

[]Strom identifies email as a key tool for getting the word out.

The sheer number of Web sites makes it difficult to gain attention. Having an early presence on the Web has helped this publication, but we're still working to get the word out concerning its existence to potential readers. We regularly release publicity to computer-mediated communication-related mailing lists, and I've worked to promote the magazine in my other publications--such as placing an advertisement for CMC Magazine in my CMC Information Sources list.

Even since I started the magazine, I saw promotion and marketing as a key part of its success, and have always hoped to someday be able to have one person focusing on this work alone. This spring, Heidi Lowe, a senior in marketing at Russell Sage College has agreed to work with us in developing more professional marketing materials and to work with potential advertisers for the magazine and other December Communications, Inc. publications.

Promotion and marketing isn't only about selling ads, however. It involves identifying and working with potential readers to find out what they would like to see in the publication. I'm pleased to receive ideas from readers, and we will need to develop even more creative ways to reach readers and meet their needs. ^

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