October 1996


Hypertext Fiction and Criticism

In the March 1996 issue of CMC Magazine, I called for entries in a hypertext fiction contest. I received only a few entries that I thought were publishable, so I am extending the deadline for entries until November 10, 1996.

One potential writer also had a question about the copyright of the final work. The author gives December Communications, Inc. the rights to publish the work in CMC Magazine and to offer the work for reading from the archive of the magazine thereafter. The author can republish the story in other media after publication within CMC Magazine and retains all other rights.

The entire CMC Magazine staff will serve as the jury for awarding the prizes.

Remember, you can win cash for good hypertext fiction; I want to award these prizes to deserving works:

  • First Prize: $250

  • Second Prize: $100

  • Third Prize: $50
The original contest rules still hold--except the deadline is now November 10, 1996. Please send in your entry--you could already be a winner! [TOC]

John December is editor of CMC Magazine.

Copyright © 1996 by John December. All Rights Reserved.

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