October 1996

Root Page of Article: Mentoring and the Internet, by Ted Nellen

A mentor to one of my students:

   What a cool class for a high school to haveI bet the
attendance rate is great!!

I'm looking for someone to help me create a rather simple web page I am a counselor by trade. I'm taking a leave of abscence from my private practice to do some writing but still miss reaching out to peopleand the incomeI would like to create a web page that had two email responses; one to join a newsletter (sent by email) and the other to consult with a therapist by mail (parenting issues, stress management, life struggles, referral in their area, etc) I also would want to add a few links to various sights of interests to parents and adolescents; music, art, literature, concerts, etc What would it take to create this? I would appreciate any direction you or your class can offer.

thanks ;-)

Also is it possible to have a IRC link for private real time group discussion? or am I dreaming? thanks again.

Perusing your website/pages made me wish I was in high school again thanks for letting me walk in your garden :-)




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