October 1996

Root Page of Article: Mentoring and the Internet, by Ted Nellen

Mentor to a student:

Thank you for sharing your essay on violence It is encouraging for adults to see that younger people are interested in the very topics they will be responsible for handling when they themselves become adults By "Responsible for handling" I mean that each individual has a responsibility to better the world they are living in, even if the scope of that betterment only reaches their own home.

Although I agree with you that the media is not completely responsible for the level of viloence in the world today, I do feel it plays a more predominant role Some people believe that what separates humans from the bestial ways of the animals is our ability to reason and form scocieties that follow rules which protect us all These "rules" take on the form of law, religion and scocietal morals For a society to survive, these rules must be followed and encouraged or we revert back to our animal nature How do you positively encourage people to follow

these rules? By following them yourself and surrounding yourself with positive examples The violence that you see all around you on television and in movies does not encourage this They promote the idea that bad behavior exists and therefore we must simply accept it. You are correct - there always has been and always will be evil and violence, but I genuinely believe that we do not, and should not accept it.

I encourage you over the next week to pay close attention to how many negative, violent things you see and hear versus the positive things If the bad outweighs the good, try to think of something you can persoanlly do to balance the score Do not worry about laws and all of scociety and how we should handle "the bad guys" just yet Simply be good to your parents and your friends, and think of the things you would like to one day teach your own children about how humans should behave We cannot fix all the problems of the world, but we can fix some problems within our own families - which eventually affects the world Don't you agree?



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