September 1996

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Scenarios for Computers in Composition

by Maureen Burgess and Lori Mathis

We are teachers and administrators in the Computers, Composition and Literature Program (CCL) at The Ohio State University. -- Drawing on specific case study experience, we discuss the pedagogical implications of the World Wide Web for teachers and students in computer-supported writing classrooms.

Maureen Burgess describes a workshop which CCL ran in the Spring 1996 Quarter for instructors interested in incorporating Web writing and reading strategies into their English classrooms. She then focuses on one Web site analysis assignment that she taught to a second-level writing class.

Lori Mathis focuses on a workshop that CCL provided on HTML authoring for instructors, and her section provides specific Web-authoring handouts and templates which have proven helpful to CCL instructors. She discusses the benefits HTML authoring can bring to English instructors, as well as the anxiety that learning HTML code can produce in those not experienced with computer languages. [TOC]


Copyright © 1996 by Maureen Burgess and Lori Mathis. All Rights Reseved.

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