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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 9 / September 1, 1996

Editor's Page
This month, school is back in session for many educational institutions throughout the world. This issue focuses on computer-mediated communication and education.


* Barriers to Getting Educators Online
Denise Ethier and Jennifer Gold explore the barriers educators face in attempting to use computer-mediated communication to both build and sustain online professional communities.

* Scenarios for Computers in Composition
Maureen Burgess and Lori Mathis describe their experience and discuss the pedagogical implications of the World Wide Web for teachers and students in computer-supported writing classrooms.

* Teaching International Reporting Through the Internet
Christopher Harper describes a course in international reporting he taught to journalism students using the Internet.

* Computer-Mediated Communications Networks and the Organizational Life of Schools
H. L. Fuller discusses the structural changes in a school which has adopted computer-mediated communication networks. She points out that such an adoption represents repercussions in many dimensions of organization's life.


* Book Review: Putting the Community into Community Networks
John Monberg reviews New Community Networks: Wired for Change, a book that both presents a powerful statement of how CMC can enhance democratic community, and serves as a manual for anyone working toward this goal.

* Call for Papers: What Does it Mean to be a Netizen?
CMC Magazine will present a special issue next year about the idea of the Netizen--how the meaning of this word has changed and what role people should assume in building online communities.

* Call for Entries: Courses and Programs related to CMC
Does your institution offer courses or programs related to the study of computer-mediated communication? If so, please register them on the programs and courses pages of the CMC Studies Center.

* The Last Link: Taking a Writing for the Web Class? Don't Get Ripped Off!
John December warns against technological fixation of a rising tide of academic courses and programs in computer-mediated communication.

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