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  • Volume 4, Number 1 / January 1, 1997
    Special Focus: What is CMC?. What are We Talking About? What is CMC? An Overview of Scholarly Definitions... Does CMC Present Individuals with Disabilities... A Rose by Any Other Name... Intercultural Computer Mediated Communication... Notes on Defining of Computer-Mediated... The Last Link: Dreams Engineers Have
  • Volume 4, Number 2 / February 1, 1997
    Special Focus: The Netizen. Editor's Page: The Intertwined Fortunes of Netizens and Online Communities... The Netizens and Community Networks ... Establishing a Point of View Toward Virtual Communities ... (How) Can Software Agents Become Good Net Citizens? ... Notes from the Underground ... Book Review: Balancing the Global Through the Local ... CMC News: The Internet Is 'Mission Critical' For Business ... Call For Articles: Looking Backwards ... Call For Articles: Data Collection on the Internet ... The Last Link: Communities Exist in Cyberspace
  • Volume 4, Number 3 / March 1, 1997
    Special Focus: Spirituality Online. Searching for Meaning Online... Techgnosis, Infomysticism, and the War Against Entropy... The Emerging Faith Communities of Cyberspace... Sacralization of Hyperlink Geometry... Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere.. The Last Link: The Future Shape of Religious Structure
  • Volume 4, Number 4 / April 1, 1997
    Special Focus: Spirituality Online II. Editor's Page... Ontos and Techne... A View from the Buddhist Middle Way... Technology as a Psychic Phenomenon... The Cyborganic Path... Book Review: Defining Style and Culture in the Digital Age... The Last Link: Deus ex Machina vs. Electric Gaia
  • Volume 4, Number 5 / May 1, 1997
    Editor's Page... Presentation Features of Text-based Conferencing Systems on the WWW... The Myths and Realities of World Wide Web Publishing... Book Review: Seduction and Technology... Book Review: How Now, HAL?... The Last Link: Utopian Visions of Cyberspace
  • Volume 4, Number 6 / June 1, 1997
    Special Focus: Writing on the Web. Editor's Page... Writing in Cyberspace... Why The Book Is Always Better Than The Movie... Negotiating a Passage Among Readers and Writers on the Web... Hypertext Illuminated... Book Review: Digital Literacy = Doin' Stuff on the Net... The Last Link: A Plea for Visual Literacy
  • Volume 4, Number 7 / July 1, 1997
    Special Focus: Digital Journalism Online Newspapers as Familiar Artifacts in New Settings... The Web and the Paradigm of the Front Page ... Interviewing and Information in a Digital Age ... Not-so-strange Alliances and Their Impact on Online News Media ... Book Review: What's Ahead in the Digital World ... The Last Link: Build It--Will They Come?
  • Volume 4, Number 8 / August 1, 1997
    Editor's Page... Enhancing Cross Cultural Education Through the Internet... New Directions for New Media... Now, McLuhan is the Message... MBOX... Book Review: Encountering Insufferable Elitism... Call For Articles: Computer-Mediated Communication and Disability... The Last Link: So Long, Highway
  • Volume 4, Number 9 / September 1, 1997
  • Volume 4, Number 10 / October 1, 1997
  • Volume 4, Number 11 / November 1, 1997
  • Volume 4, Number 12 / December 1, 1997
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