August 1997

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Enhancing Cross Cultural Education Through the Internet

by Jon Franklin Ramsoomair

This article documents the sequence of steps taken in setting up a cross cultural management course, and making extensive use of the Internet to add to the reality of the experience for fourth year and MBA students

My area head had the kind of expression that preceded a " cannot refuse this offer" message.." My mission, should I choose to accept it, was to come up with a course in Cross cultural management, to be delivered to fourth year and MBA students--and which had to be ready for delivery in eight months time. Tall order...challenging task. The challenge was much more of an opportunity, to re-do, re-think and question one's belief of secure status quo. How does one go about creating a course? How does one imbue words and concepts with life, immediacy and relevance? How does one animate ideas so they take flight in creative minds, and become catalysed into ways of living and acting that improves understanding?

This article describes an evocative journey that assisted me in re-evaluating the way in which I do things, the conceptual underpinnings which guide me, and the way in which technology --helped me to realize a dream.


Jon Franklin Ramsoomair ( is Professor of Business at School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Copyright © 1997 by Jon Franklin Ramsoomair. All Rights Reserved.

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