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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 4, Number 12 / December 1, 1997

Editor's Page
Book Review Editor Kevin Hunt introduces this year-end book review issue.


* An Empirical Look at the Electronic Agora
In her recent book, CMC researcher and rhetorician Laura Gurak explores two case studies of human action in cyberspace in Persuasion and Privacy in Cyberspace: The Online Protests Over Lotus MarketPlace and the Clipper Chip. Reviewer Steve Doheny-Farina reviews the significance of her studies.

* Narrating the Birth of the Cyberbard
Author Janet Murray forecasts the future of literature in the world to come in Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace. Chris Lapham reviews Murray's own storytelling skills as Murray narrates the birth of the digital storyteller.

* Slaves' Illusions
In his second look at the future of computers and humanity, Slaves of the Machine: The Quickening of Computer Technology author Gregory Rawlins argues that ultimately we'll liberate ourselves from the illusory control we hold over our machines. Reviewer Don Langham looks at the details of Rawlins' thesis.

* A Different Voice in the Digital Revolution
In Rewired: A Brief (and Opinionated) Net History, author David Hudson calls for a sober look at the direction the Net is heading. Kevin Hunt reviews Hudson's important response to the visions of technolibertarians, extropians, and the "California Ideology."

* A Brave New World's Fair
What began as a brainstorm in the mind of author Carl Malumud grew into the Internet 1996 World's Fair, which he chronicles in A World's Fair for the Global Village. Avis Winifred Rupert reviews Malumud's account of making his vision a cyber-reality.

* Other Notable Releases of 1997
A quick glance of other notable books released during the year: David Freedman and Charles Mann's At Large: The Strange Case of the World's Biggest Internet Invasion; James Wallace's Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace; Jeff Zalenski's The Soul of Cyberspace; Esther Dyson's Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age;


This month's mailbox contains important correction information for an article on electronic theses and dissertations from last month's issue.

* Notes from the Road: Inside Microsoft Research
Robley Curtice provides us with another report from the frontier of reality known as Net conferences. This time, he tells us about what Dr. Dan Ling, Director of Research for Microsoft, discussed at a recent conference.

* Call for Articles: Online Relationships
Andrea Baker calls for articles for an upcoming issues about online relationships.

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