January 1997

Call for Articles

Special Issue of CMC Magazine Writing on the Web

One of the credos of the wired world is "content is king." But unlike creating prose for more traditional media, writing on the Web is a whole new art form and the area of how best to present writing electronically is just being explored.

When audiences are presented with information online, we know they read differently and so it follows that we must write differently, but how? What are the rules for good writing online?

CMC Magazine will devote it's June 1997 issue to the new rules for writing online. We want to find out:

  • What are the characteristics of good online writing? Exactly how is it different from a printed piece of prose?

  • If you must take something in print and put it online, what editing guidelines should you follow? How can we invoke the electronic muse?

  • How does the Web broaden our notion of writing that previously existed as the mere alphanumeric representation of characters on paper?

  • How is the Web affecting what writing is? How should writing online be taught? Who is excluded from writing and creating content online?

We are looking for a variety of different perspectives--from K-12 teachers and marketers to electronic journalists and academics.

We welcome well-documented and thought out essays and feature articles of approximately 1,500-2,000 words. We especially invite pieces that use concrete examples to illustrate key points and those that draw concrete conclusions from which we can all learn.

Please send queries to Kevin Hunt ( and Christine Lapham ( The deadline for submission of completed articles is May 1, 1997. For more information, please read our editorial guidelines. [TOC]

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