May 1997

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Three Years on the Web

by John December

It's wonderful to consider all the fine people I've worked with on this magazine for the past three years. I've had the priviledge to know hundreds of authors and work with dozens of people who every month directly contribute to the creation of this magazine. And without readers, of course, all this would be for nothing: I'm very happy to receive notes and comments from hundreds of people about this magazine. While traveling from China to New York, from Mexico to Sweden and Austria, I have been pleasantly surprised that people know this magazine. It is a great honor to have this kind of recognition, and I hope to continue to develop this magazine to be worth of it.

The reward of developing this magazine is knowing that we bring new ideas and issues to the field of computer-mediated communication studies.

I continue to invite you--the reader--to help shape this forum. Let me know your ideas for articles, special issues, and how this magazine can better meet your needs.

Thanks for these three years.

John December ( is editor of CMC Magazine.

Copyright © 1997 by John December. All Rights Reserved.

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