August 1998

End-of-Year Book Review Edition

Continuing our tradition of devoting special issues of the magazine entirely to book reviews, the December issue of CMC Magazine will feature reviews of recent and upcoming books on all aspects of computer-mediated communication and technology. We welcome reviews of books--from both academic and popular presses--that examine the cultural, political, economic, and social aspects of the Web, the Internet, and computer-mediated communication in general, preferably books that have been released within the past three months or so. And we welcome contributors from a wide range of disciplines.

Review copies of several of new release are or will be available. Reviews are typically 1500 to 3000 words long. The deadline for the December issue is October 15th, 1998.

If you're interested in reviewing a specific book or books, or are interested in reviewing any upcoming releases, please check the CMC Magazine Editorial Policies, then contact Kevin Hunt via email ( with questions or requests. A brief description of the specific interest you have in CMC, your background, and any past writings on CMC you've done would be helpful.

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