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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 5, Number 12 / December 1998

Editor's Page
Book Review Editor Kevin Hunt introduces the focus of this special issue: reviews of books published in the year now drawing to a close.


* Where's the Access?
Researchers are now taking a good look at the economic and social dimensions of who is benefiting from the "information revolution," and why. Leslie Regan Shade reviews four such works: Class Warfare in the InformationAge, by Michael Perelman; Cyberghetto or Cybertopia?, edited by Bosah Ebo; Cyberspace Divide, edited by Brian Loader; and High Technology and Low Income Communities, edited by Donald A. Schon, Bish Sanyal, and William J. Mitchell.

* A Qualitative Journey into Questions of Virtuality
Technology, mind-body-presence, and a cyberhostess marketing proposal. Such are the offerings in The Virtual Embodied: Presence|Practice|Technology, edited by John Wood. Angela Lauria reviews this range of approaches to examining what it means to be human in a technocentric world.

* Walls and Bridges
Cybersociety 2.0, edited by Steven Jones, is a sequel to the original collection of essays on community and cyberspace published three years ago. Reviewer Joseph Feller examines the utility of this "upgrade."

* Philosophy and Computers 101
In The Philosophical Programmer: Reflections on the Moth in the Machine Daniel Kohanski outlines why we should pay more attention to the ethics of computing. Reviewer Van Kloempken devotes his attention to Kohanski's attempt to get us to do just that.


* The Last Link: Suggested Readings from the Machine
Book reviewer Kevin Hunt takes a look what suggests he should buy, and is happy that humans will continue to help him figure out what to read.

* Notes from the Road: A Trend in the Electronic World
Will paper-based media be gone in ten years? Will your Thanksgiving turkey have its own URL? These and other wacky questions were discussed at the recent Miller Freeman Web Design & Development Conference in San Francisco.

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