March 1998

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The Real Scooop

by John December

Not everything about the Net happens in predictable ways. Indeed, if someone asked me if technology leads the way, I would say emphatically, no. In fact, sometimes, technology seems to follow, finding acceptance within the more complex webs of human interaction.

There are few events in the modern world like a trade show. Representing at once a marketplace of ideas and hype, these gatherings often showcase the latest products and technologies. At other times, these gatherings seem to showcase only with the human culture surrounding that technology.

My point is that these trade shows, despite their often circus-like atmosphere are often where the technological and cultural changes are first detected.

[] Robley Curtice, gives us an excellent look at the recent MacWorld expo.

[] Auren Hoffman gives us a wry look at the post-modern happenings at a recent Computer Dealer's Expo (COMDEX) in Las Vegas.

Finally, [] Mark Horton reviews an important book about the history of the Net, Michael and Ronda Hauben's Netizens.

John December ( is editor of CMC Magazine.

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