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CMC Magazine uses hypertext to layer and break up articles so that we can take advantage of hypertext links among the articles and their sections. Authors should prepare their manuscripts with this in mind--preparing the article at his/her own web site in hypertext, then sending us the URL of it.

Prospective authors should also be familiar with the magazine's general style guidelines .

Authors can look at some of the articles in the current issue to see how we are exploring the use of links in:

An article broken up into these individual files then gives:

The repetition of the masthead and title of the article on every page has to do with the porous nature of hypertext--this organization wouldn't make much sense on paper; but in a web of hypertext, there can be multiple entry points (readers might enter the magazine at any given page). This requires more contextual information on each page.

We are aiming to explore the new kind of relationships possible among articles written in hypertext, and we encourage authors to develop creative ways to use hypertext in new ways, not "just because it can be done" but because hypertext gives us the opportunity to explore new correspondences and new relationships among ideas, and thus explore and create new meanings.

If we don't explore this language of hypertext--and discover and invent rhetorical techniques with it--why should we publish in hypertext at all?

Last revision: 19 Feb 1996

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