There are two solutions to the problem of getting a stretchy line of color: one using tables, one using an image file.

Solution Using Tables

For a horizontal line, you can use the background color attribute (BGColor) for a table row like this:

The trick is to use a <BR> element for the table data.

But that line is so fat! (See the image file solution below for a thin horizontal line.)

To make a skinny vertical line, make a skinny column (TD), put a <BR> element in it, and and use the BGColor and Width attributes of the TD element, like this:

Column one; you would have a bunch of words here so that the table extends across several rows of text. The second column of this table is the one that is set to just 1 pixel wide, its background color is set to brown, and it contains the BR element.
Column three

To get an area, you set the width of the second column to something larger than 1, its background color to brown, and put the BR element in it.
Column three

Solution Using an Image File

The image file is a 1 by 1 pixel file with the color I want.

Here's a colored line made with that file; I use the Width="100%" image attribute to stretch the line horizontally across the page; note it extends to 100% of the boundaries of table data element on this page:

Here is a line that will stretch to 33% of the available width:

Resize your browser window to convince yourself of the stretchiness of these lines.

So why not stretch a colored line vertically? It doesn't seem to work correctly within the table of this page. Here's 33% of the available height:

That looks like a single dot on my browser.

So why not make an area? Again, it doesn't seem to work correctly within the table of this page. Here's 33% of the available height and width:

That looked like a single dot on my Netscape < 3.0 browser, but with Netscape 3.0, it looks like an area.

But in a file with the images outside of a table, it seems to work. (I am using a Netscape browser).

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