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Netscape's Extensions: Tables / Frames

HTML Extensions Summary

This list summarizes the extensions Netscape has made to HTML.

The elements shown here are in all capital letters; the attributes are indicated by initial capital letters.

HTML structure and comment elements

Netscape added backgrounds and colors to the BODY element which became part of the HTML 3.2 specifications.

  • Text: this attribute specifies the color of the document's text.
  • Link: this attribute specifies the color of the document's hotspots.
  • VLink: this attribute specifies the color of visited links.
  • ALink: this attribute specifies the color of the active link (the color it appears while the user is selecting it).

    The HEAD and Related Elements

    Netscape adds:

    The BODY and Related Elements

  • Unordered List LI attribute added: Type="disc|circle|square"
  • Ordered list LI attribute added: Type="A|a|I|i|1": A = capital letters; a = small letters; I = capital roman numerals; 1 = numbers (default)
    1. Type="A"
    2. Type="a"
    3. Type="I"
    4. Type="i"
    5. Type="1"
  • Order List LI attribute added: Value="number"; Type="A|1"
    1. Value: changes the displayed value for the list item
    2. changes the displayed value to J
  • IMG: attributes added:


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