Here is the tutorial information currently available:

  • Creating Web Documents: This is a tutorial I've prepared for a short course I'm teaching. The information here includes the assignments for the course, and the course overview, syllabus, tips, grading information, on-time policy, Validating, DOCTYPE statement, turning in assignments information; and the assignments on webspace, basics, a table, and style.
  • Getting Started: This is "lesson 0" for anyone who is taking a class in creating Web documents: creating files on your computer, transferring these to your Web space. Includes a Unix Survival Kit.
  • Hello, World: This lesson introduces the most basic HTML file and its structure.
  • Containers: This lesson introduces the idea of containers in HTML.
  • Basic HTML: This lesson introduces a commonly used HTML elements in a single file that users can view in a browser as well as examine the source code.
  • Standard HTML: This lesson introduces the idea of HTML standards and advises how to write HTML pages that conform to standards.
  • Images: This lesson introduces the IMG element.
  • Tables: This lesson introduces the TABLE element and its associated elements TR, TH, and TD.
  • More Tables: This lesson expands on the use of tables by introducing the attributes of the TABLE element and its associated elements TR, TH, and TD.
  • Hypertext: This lesson introduces the concepts of hypertext and how to use relative pathnames, named anchors, and redirection.
  • Style Sheets: This lesson introduces cascading style sheets (CSS) and shows examples of how a style sheet can be used to separate the contents of an HTML document from a specification of how it will look in a Web browser.
  • More Style Sheets: This lesson introduces more examples of style sheets and briefly describes the many more things to learn about style sheet technology.
  • Web Document Topics: This lesson outlines issues about keeping up with technolgy, specailizing in Web work and careers, and techniques. It is intended to give participants in the Developing Web Documents tutorial some ideas about developing further skills and specialization.
  • Permissions: A short description of how to make sure file permissions are set in your Web space so that the world can read them and execute any CSS files.
  • Q & A Forum: There are a few questions here that are worth looking at; I want to say that I'm unable to take new questions other than from my students in classes that I'm currently teaching.
  • Meta Element: This is a short discussion of some attributes of the META element that are useful.
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