Creating Web Documents

Due Diligence: Taking Responsiblity to Learn

It is your responsibility to do your part to accomplish the objectives of this class. This means that you must:

  • Attend class regularly
  • Access, read, and study online course materials and follow the pages: Syllabus, Ethics, Turning in Assignments, Grading, and On-Time Policy
  • Ask questions in class or by email if you don't understand something
  • Attempt to accomplish and turn in the assignment well in advance (48 hours) of the deadline and check for a receipt before you consider the assignment completed
  • Avoid and triumph over (in a safe and legal manner) any obstacle which stands in the way of turning in the assignment as required and on time
  • Make a sincere effort to absorb the course material, try out computer commands on your own, and fulfill course objectives based on your learning style

If you fail in this due diligence, I will be unable to help you very effectively, and I may not be able to help you at all to accomplish the course objectives.

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