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DescriptionThe link element identifies relationships among documents. For example: authorship, related indexes, glossaries, older or more recent versions, document hierarchy, associated resources such as style sheets, etc.

The attribute rel identifies the relationship the document containing LINK has with the document identified in the href attribute of the LINK element. Conversely, attribute rev identifies the relationship between the document identified in the href attribute and the document containing the LINK element. The link element is how you connect Style Sheets to your HTML document.

For example:

<link rel="stylesheet" 
      type="text/css" />
<link rev="made" href="" />
Start tagRequired <link />
charset CDATA #IMPLIEDa character encoding as per RFC2045; char encoding of linked resource
class CDATA #IMPLIEDspace-separated list of classes
dir( ltr | rtl )#IMPLIEDdirection for weak/neutral text
href CDATA #IMPLIEDUniform Resource Identifier as per RFC2396; a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a URI; URI for linked resource
hreflangNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code as RFC3066
idID#IMPLIEDdocument-wide unique id
langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (backwards compatible); language code as RFC3066
media CDATA #IMPLIEDsingle or comma-separated list of media descriptors; for rendering on these media
onclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was clicked; script expression
ondblclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was double clicked; script expression
onkeydown CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed down; script expression
onkeypress CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed and released; script expression
onkeyup CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was released; script expression
onmousedown CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was pressed down; script expression
onmousemove CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved within; script expression
onmouseout CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved away; script expression
onmouseover CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved onto; script expression
onmouseup CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was released; script expression
rel CDATA #IMPLIEDspace-separated list of link types; forward link types
rev CDATA #IMPLIEDspace-separated list of link types; reverse link types
style CDATA #IMPLIEDassociated style info; style sheet data
title CDATA #IMPLIEDadvisory title; text used for titles
type CDATA #IMPLIEDmedia type as per RFC2045; advisory content type
xml:langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (as per XML 1.0 spec); language code as RFC3066
End tagForbidden
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