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Organizations involved in Communication

  • ACA: American Communication Association; academic and professional research, criticism, teaching, practical use, and exchange of principles and theories of human communication
  • AWC: Association for Women in Communications; print and broadcast journalism, television and radio production, film, advertising, public relations, marketing, graphic design, multi-media design, and photography
  • ISCA: International Speech Communication Association; promotes speech communication science and technology in industry and academia
  • MCA-I: Media Communications Association-International; opportunities for networking, forums for education and the resources for information to media communications professionals
  • ICA: International Communication Association; association for scholars interested in the study, teaching and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication
  • NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English; works to advance teaching, research, and student achievement in English language arts at all scholastic levels
  • PRSA: Public Relations Society of America; professional organization for public relations practitioners
  • IFCA: International Federal of Communication Associations
  • Tech Comm: Technical Communication organizations


Areas of interest to technical communicators

  • Comserve: Communication Institute for Online Scholarship; a service for scholars involved in human communication research
  • OWA: Paradigm Online Writing Assistant; helps with discovering, organizing, revising, editing, and documenting sources
  • CWRL: Computer Writing and Research Lab; division of rhetoric and composition, University of Texas at Austin
  • Bibliography: Bibliography for Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication;
  • Conferences: Conferences of interest for language, literature, and communication
  • CMC: Computer-Mediated Communication information sources
  • Tech Comm Info: Technical Communication information sources


Buy books related to Communication

  • Devito: Essentials of Human Communication, by Joseph A. Devito; introductory textbook covering communication processes, the self, perception, listening, and verbal and non-verbal messages; interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public speaking
  • Trenholm: Thinking Through Communication: An Introduction to the Study of Human Communication, by Sarah Trenholm; language, codes, creativity, technology and skills of which effective, clear communication is made
  • Heath: Human Communication Theory and Research: Concepts, Context, and Challenges, by Robert L. Heath, Jennings Bryant
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Access resource collections related to Communication

  • Rhetoric: Rhetoric Resources Web site at Georgia Tech; synopsis of topics related to the study of rhetoric
  • Eserver: EServer Technical Communication (and Technical Writing) Library--has rhetoric section; index and portal for professional, scientific and technical communicators; for practitioners, students, teachers and managers to access the best resources available online


Find work in Communication and Writing

  • Employment: Employment Marketplace; find a job using a variety of services and job tools, build and certify your skills; employers can post jobs to a variety of services
  • Freelance: Freelance marketplace; Put your skills to work by earning money; connects you with companies and organizations who need project work done
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