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Areas of interest in Mathematics
  • Combinatorics: Web site for Annals of Combinatorics journal
  • Chaos: Chaos; portal to information about choas at the University of Maryland; expounds on idea that simple, nonlinear deterministic systems can behave in unpredictable and chaotic ways; research in various areas of chaotic dynamics ranging from the theory of dimensions, fractal basin boundaries, chaotic scattering, controlling chaos
  • Constants: Constants; coverage of mathematical constants; famous ones include π, φ, and e; coverage also of lesser-known ones like Moser's Worm constant and the Moving Sofa constant
  • Fractals: Fractal Database; collection of fractals and fractal related material
  • Fuzzy: Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium Linz-Hagenberg; multivalued logic that allows intermediate values to be defined between conventional evaluations like yes/no, true/false, black/white, etc
  • Geometry: Geometry Junkyard; Dr. David Eppstein's collection of geometry-related usenet clippings, web pointers, lecture notes, research excerpts, papers, abstracts, programs, problems, and material related to discrete and computational geometry
  • Graph Theory: Directory of Graph Theory information; provides information about the textbooks The Handbook of Graph Theory, Graph Theory and Its Applications and Topological Graph Theory; provides resources for graph theoreticians and students
  • History: MacTutor History of Mathematics archive; provides biographies, history of topics, famous curves index, mathematicians of the day; produced by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, Scotland
  • Linear: Linear Algebra; presented by the International Linear Algebra Society
  • OR: Operations Research; the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences; operations research and management sciences deal with the application of information technology for informed decision-making
  • Probability: Probability Web; a collection of probability resources on the Web
  • Ring: Lists of Ring Theorists
  • Topology: Topology Atlas; a publisher of information related to topology; Web site presents online resources for mathematicians and members of the general public with some interest in topology
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