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See current conditions such as time, traffic, and other events; access time zone information, quake information, traffic (Marine, Internet, Airline), Webcams, and astronomical information.
  • Time Zones: map showing current time around the world; clickable map allows you to zoom in on areas to see time zones
  • Sunlight: world map showing sun and shadow on earth and cloud cover; near real-time computer-generated illustration with clouds updated every 3 hours with current weather satellite imagery; also available is a view of the moon phase
  • Time and Date: World Clock, Time Zones, Calendar, Astronomy, and other tools; free time and date related information
  • Quakes: Maps of Recent Earthquake Activity in the World; clickable map allows you to zero in on specific areas; provided by Earthquake Hazards Program, US Geological Survey, a bureau of the US Department of the Interior
  • Internet Traffic: The Internet Traffic Report; monitors the flow of data around the world; displays a value between zero and 100; Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections
  • Marine Traffic: where ships are now worldwide; part of an academic, open, community-based project; free real-time information to the public, about ship movements and ports, mainly across the coast-lines of Europe and N.America; hosted by the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean, Greece
  • Flightradar24: world air traffic
  • Earthcam: global Webcam Network; directory of Web cams throughout the world; well-organized links connect you to major city cams, weather, news, education, science
  • earthTV: major world cities Webcam Network; webcams throughout the world offering views; very nice, rotating panoramic views of major city skylines; for example, Paris
  • Moon: current view of the moon from Earth; shows the phase of the moon as seen from Earth; table gives information about the moon's age, phase, distance, and next phases
  • Solar System: Solar System Live; see a chart showing the relative positions of the planets from an imaginary point way up above the plane of the solar system; you can customize this map to show the full system or just the inner planets, ephemeris shows numerical right ascension, declination, distance for major solar system bodies
  • Stars: Your Sky; make your own star map based on where you are and when you want to view the sky
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