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Access media developed on the Internet; these sites help you explore the forms of media that have evolved on the Internet itself. You can look at archives from ancient times, explore popular forms of online activity, or encounter the latest buzz of what is happening now.
  • Archive: The Internet Archive; a library of content offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form; this archive contains many multimedia collections that pre-date the Internet as well as the waybackmachine access to Internet Web pages from long ago
  • Social Networks: listing of popular social networks; these sites provide users ways to engage with each other in Web portals that facilitate individual and group communication in a variety of forms; social networks are one of the forms of media that evolved out of human communication and interaction on networks that predate the widespread use of the Internet itself
  • Blogosphere: description of blog sites; this page lists major blog sites and services, ways to search blogs, and references to further information; blogs, like social networks, are one of the Internet's "home-grown" forms of media, adding to diary-like entries the immediacy of global publication within a networked community of other bloggers
  • Podcasts: audio serials; audio files offered for asynchronous listening; this list takes you to major archives and collections; podcasting, like blogging, evolved online as individuals provided their audio content to networked communities of interest
  • Tools: Internet Tools Summary; index of links summarizing software tools used online to facilitate information storage and retrieval and communication and interaction; resources include utilities for Net information lookups, client-server software tools, the graveyard of ancient tools, group and mass communication, and reference information supporting Internet tools
  • CMC: Computer-Mediated Communication information sources; index of links covering the technology, use, and study of online communication; resources include technology information, standards organizations, educational and training resources, periodicals, forums, and groups interested in studying or online communication
  • Alexa: Web site popularity and analytics; you can browse Web sites by the Alexa Web traffic ranking; see hot topics; search Alexa's information database about Web sites; useful to get an idea of popular sites; Web Directory shows top sites (by Alexa traffic ranking) in subject categories
  • Yahoo Buzz: popular topics and stories; Yahoo analyzes search requests and highlights stories in these areas that are popular; breaking news; viral videos; popular blogs; buzz up voting system
  • Groups: Google discussion forums; join in a wide range of threaded discussion forums; the origins are in the Usenet groups which rose to great popularity in the 1990's (many of these groups developed FAQs which are still available)
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