III. Contexts of CMC

CMC in organizations

Class session 7 (7 Mar)--Homework 5 due: Turn in a brief (1-3 pages) description of your final project.
Visit by Davis Foulger

Group interaction and decision support systems

Class session 8 (21 Mar)-- Field trip to IBM
Class session 9 (28 Mar)-- PAPER ASSIGNMENT DUE: CMC in organizations: What do we have to gain; what might we lose?

CMC and the academy

Class session 10 (4 Apr) -- HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT DUE: Find and critque one electronic journal, eavesdrop for a week on one academic list, or interview an instructor or 3 students who have participated in a course taught partially online.

CMC in society and culture

Building communities in cyberspace

Class session 11 (11 Apr)
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  • Recommended: Marsden, W., McIntosh, A., Adoph, C. (1993, August 14). The Fabrikant file. The Gazette, 11-20(?).

Re-visioning democracy in cyberspace

Class session 12 (18 Apr)
Class session 13 (25 Apr)-- PAPER ASSIGNMENT DUE class: Television failed to realize its potential as a democratic medium. What can or will make the prospects better for CMC?
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  • Hess, Charles (forthcoming). Hypertext and democracy paper.

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