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  • December, J. (1998). A Framework for Selecting and Using Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. In Z.L. Berge and M.P. Collins (Eds.) Wired Together: Computer-Mediated Communication in K-12. Volume 1: Perspectives and Instructional Design. Cresskill NJ: Hampton Press.
  • December, J. (1996). Introducing Java [six chapters]. In Java Unleashed. Indianapolis, IN: Publishing.
  • December, J. (1995). How the Web changes the Internet. In The Internet Unleashed (2nd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Publishing.
  • December, J. (1997). Introducing the World Wide Web. In The Internet Unleashed 1997. (3rd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Publishing.
  • December, J. (1996). A short primer for communicating on the global net. In Computer Networking and Scholarship in the 21st Century University, Series in Computer-Mediated Communication in Education, Work, & Society. Eds. T. M. Harrison and T. Stephen. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.
  • Sudweeks, F., M. Collins, and J. December (1995). Internetwork resources. In Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom: An Overview and Perspectives Eds. Zane Burge and Mauri Collins. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.


Books in Translation

  • December, J. (1996). Java, Einführung und Überblick. (German Trans.). Haar bei München, Germany: Markt und Technik.
  • December, J. (1996). Java, hot Java o shiru: Intanneto no atarashii sekai. (Japanese Trans., Koichi Matsuda). Tokyo: Kabushiki Kaisha Purentisuhoru.
  • December, J. (1996). 10 Minute Java and Hot Java. (Liu Xia, Chinese Trans.). Beijing, China: Science Press.
  • December, J. (1996). Java: Immagini in movimento nelle pagine WWW. (Italian Trans.). Milano, Italy: Tecniche Nuove.
  • December, J. (1996). Presenting Java. (Korean Trans.). Korea: CA Books/DRT International.
  • December, J. (1996). Introducción a Java. (Rebeca Alicia Sánchez López, Spanish Trans.). Mexico: Prentice Hall Hispanoamericana, S. A.
  • December, J. and N. Randall. (1995). The World Wide Web für Insider (H. Hajer and R. Kolbeck, German Trans.). Haar bei München, Germany: Markt und Technik.


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