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You know you're a geek when... have a recurring dream involving recursive functions. have wondered about Internet access in the afterlife.

...your neighborhood holds a parity block party.

...your digital watch is bigger than your cellphone.

...your child, at birth, knows vi editor commands. realize it has been months since you've made a phone call or watched video other than over the Internet.

...whenever anything happens, you wonder how it might blog. refer to Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" as the "Magnificent 1.6 kilometers."

...if a restaurant employee tells you, "I'll be your server," you respond, "I'll be your client!" evaluate any romantic partner in terms of his/her Google PageRank.

Encounter the Geek Collection

Trying to find a gift for that "geek" you know or for yourself? I'm a geek myself, so I bet any geek might enjoy geek gadgets, activities, gizmos, or toys from these sources that I call "The Geek Collection."

geek stuff
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geek stuff
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