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Information sources about audio on the Internet; this table of links help you locate Internet-based audio and radio broadcasts and recordings as well as understand and use the technology; here, you'll find directories of broadcasters, podcasters, and audio files and programs, and links to networks, software, reference, publications, and organizations involved in Internet-delivered streaming or on-demand audio


This web helps you explore audio on the Internet. You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways, and your suggestions are welcome. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate and access this information.

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On Demand

Web sites providing or guiding you to on-demand audio content; the Internet has long served as a repository for audio files; many books have been translated to audio files and are available for free (or a fee) for download; archives collect audio files; podcasts are serial programs that are available for download

  • Books: Audio books; these sites collect and organize audio books (spoken performances of written fiction or non-fiction published books), public talks or performances of books or related to books or authors
    • Internet Archive--Audio Books and Poetry: archived digital recordings from a range of contributors; over 5,000 items covering audio books and poetry; part of the Internet Archive, an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form
    • Librivox: excellent audio books collection; free audiobooks from the public domain; volunteers read the books; you can search the catalog by title and author; areas include, for example, poetry, nonfiction, long poems, Shakespeare monologs, short mystery, science fiction, and The 9/11 Commission Report, etc.; over 3,400 files; excellent
    • Wired for Books: audio poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures, and interviews; a production of the WOUB Center for Public Media Scripps College of Communication Ohio University; great interviews of writers such as Toni Morrison, Gary Snyder, Studs Terkel, Gore Vidal, and more; hear poets and fiction writers read their work
    • Spoken Alexandria Project: a free Creative Commons library of spoken word recordings; classics in the public domain and modern works (with permission); AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 audiobooks available for free download and redistribution
    • Telltale Weekly: Unabridged, low-cost DRM-free audio book downloads in MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats; sold to fund the Spoken Alexandria Project where audio books are given away for free
    • Book TV: provided by C-SPAN
  • Archives: Audio archives; these sites collect and organize archives of sound files and archives of old broadcast radio programs; see also podcasts for serial content created specifically for the Net
    • Internet Archive--Audio: archived audio and MP3 files; over 700,000 digital items including music, spoken voice, performances, radio, and more; part of the Internet Archive, an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form
    • Internet Archive--Radio: archived radio programs; over 2,000 items covering old time radio, contemporary radio programs, talk shows, and special collections like Rustbelt Radio and Mother Jones Radio; part of the Internet Archive, an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form
    • OTR.Net: Old Time Radio (OTR) Network Library; free resource for Old Time Radio fans; over 12,000 OTR shows available for instant listening; very clean design allows you to pick shows and episodes; shows include titles such as "The Jack Benny Show" and "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar"
    • Old Radio World: archive of some of the most popular radio programs of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s; also includes WW II news broadcasts and vintage commercials; good site design makes it easy to navigate
    • Hype Machine: rankings of music tracks discussed in selected music blogs; hype machine editors select music blogs and amplify music discussed based on their tastes and choices; tracks of interested are highlighted and available as samples; tracks are available for sale
    • Rhapsody: listen to a variety of music tracks; associated with RealPlayer; ad-supported, but free use (25 free plays per month); site uses a confusing system of popup windows and ads, making it hard to search for music and use
    • Jamendo: Creative commons music; all music is available to download use through one of several Creative Commons licenses or the Free Art License
    • MySpace: Music (primarily videos); select music videos to view on demand
    • Daytrotter: music sessions recorded in Horseshack studio in Illinois; unique collection of music with the feel of sitting at a live performance
    • Sound Files: section from MusicMoz--The Open Music Project; gives a run-down of different sound files available online and search links; including MP3, Samples and Loops, WAV, as well as genres like Jazz, Oldies, and Classical;
  • Podcasts: Serial audio content created by Net users; podcasts are simply audio files that are offered as they are produced; you can download the files and listen to archived episodes of a particular series; see also Archives for audio files not necessarily created for the Net
    • Internet Archive--Podcasts: archived podcasts from the Internet Archive; over 18,000 digital items; part of the Internet Archive, an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form
    • Podcast directory: large subject directory of podcasts; from Arts to Variety; includes links to professional news organizations
    • PodcastAlley: Podcast portal; gives a searchable directory of podcasts, information about podcast software, a forum, a blog, and other information
    • Podcast Pickle: a podcast/vidcast community; find podcasts by genre, new, or top podcasts
    • Tech Podcast Network: the promotion of technology by using the Internet; audio streaming, podcasting, and new technology delivery mechanisms; search for a variety of tech-oriented podcasts in areas such as tech news, platforms, gaming, devices, and how to
    • NPR Podcasts: National Public Radio podcasts; archives of professionally-produced radio programs available for subscription

Audio Links: Internet audio directories, broadcasters, and technology Broadcasters

Providers of Audio Content


Web sites providing or guiding you to on-demand or streaming audio; the Internet has long served as a means to distribute streaming audio; over-the-air broadcasters as well as Internet-only sites provide audio streams in a wide variety of genres

  • Directories: Find radio broadcasters; these directories help you find licensed terrestrial radio stations; in many cases, links are provided so that you can listen live to their broadcast over the Internet; some directories also cover Internet-only audio stations; see also the portals for hosted collections of audio content and streams
    • Radiotime: directory of radio stations and audio streaming links worldwide; browse stations by geographic location or station format (music, talk, sports); links to live streams where available; includes licensed over-the-air stations, HD radio feeds, and Internet-only stations; excellent, simple, clean design makes this site a pleasure to use
    • Public Radio Fan: search interface to public radio worldwide; choose streaming public radio broadcasts by schedule grid, location, name, format, category, or language; podcast directory; satellite radio listings; hypertext cross-referencing of programs, stations, locations for easy browsing; clean, well-designed, highly-usable interface
    • Allegro: locate and listen to audio streams from radio stations; provides help with identifying the time of the broadcasts; from Public Radio stations
    • Dirble: directory for radio channels, both offline and online radio broadcasts; find and rate radio stations; listen to streams
    • Web-Radio: find radio broadcast as well as Internet-based audio content providers
    • RadioStationWorld: directory of radio broadcasters worldwide; search by continent, country, and locations
    • LogFm: popular radio stations; search by radio station name
    • Radio-locator: find radio broadcast stations; search engine for finding radio stations in the United States as well as some international stations; search by specific geographic location in the United States by a locator search engine which takes into account each radio station's transmitter power, antenna height, frequency, and antenna pattern, as well as the topography and geology of the surrounding area; find stations by city name or zip code; international search is by country; links to online streaming where available
    • RadioTower: find selected radio stations worldwide; search by station format, country, language, or keyword; rating system; incomplete listings of terrestrial stations that broadcast online, but a good selection of Internet-only stations
    • graphically-oriented guide to selected stations; you can search by country or genre and see a big list of graphics showing radio station logos; interesting way to quickly see major stations in an area, but difficult to find specific stations
    • MobTuner: mobile-phone compatible audio streams; directory of Internet radio by genre and country; channels are mobile compatible and tested on phones
    • Windows Media: Windows-media Internet Radio; directory of audio streams that use Windows Media Player
  • Portals: Major Internet sites providing audio content; see also the directories for guides to content from various sources
    • Live365: World's Largest Internet Radio Network; streaming audio network; members create their own stations; also some professional broadcasters use these streams to deliver content; wide range of content--over 7,000 broadcasters in over 250 genres from over 150 countries; ad-supported, but VIP membership available and some VIP-only stations; free membership required for extended listening; royalties for the music played are paid to artists and music publishers through royalty collection groups such as ASCAP and BMI
    • Pandora: streaming audio; wide range of content; user-generated stations; free membership (ad-supported) allows you to customize your stations (to some degree) and listen for up to 40 hours per month; customization uses the patented Music Genome Project to analyze attributes of music in order to play related songs based on user choices
    • Google Play: streaming audio
    • iheartradio: on-demand content aggregated from various sources; sources include radio stations and other media
    • Shoutcast: free Internet audio streams; these streams use SHOUTcast streaming media software for Internet streaming; this directory lists over 44,000 SHOUTcast stations world wide; genres ranging from alternative to talk; options to use different client software; very easy-to-use interface
    • Slacker: custom music, news, sports, and comedy; free content as well as subscriptions available
    • WRN: international radio networks and stations; live streams and podcasts; registration required to listen to some content
    • Loudcity: portal site for webcasters; many independent broadcasters providing music and streaming audio of all kinds; you can sign up to be a broadcaster; LoudCity holds webcastng licenses from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange; LoudCity is a member of DiMA
    • AOL Radio: free Internet radio stations (US users only); a wide range of genres; ad-supported
    • CBS Interactive Music Group content; streaming music, news, and sports
    • Radiotunes: Internet audio streams; wide range of genres; free listening (ad-supported); premium membership available for commercial-free listening
    • niche audio channels; editorially-manged channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio; webcast from San Francisco, California; music hand-picked by SomaFM's DJs and music directors
    • streaming music based on recommendation system (requires free login); start your profile with the names of your favorite artists; ad-supported, sales-supported
    • Soundclick: streaming music in a variety of categories; free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands; browse by music stations or charts; you can login to create your own stations
    • user-created stream of music tracks; free login required; like twitter, but for music--you sign up for a profile, become a dj, and then you can "blip" or add a song to the stream of "all djs"; you can follow your favorite djs or find other djs; you can just listen to the songs that are blipped to the stream
    • TuneIn: streaming and podcasts; sports, news, music, talk; access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent
    • Yahoo: Launchcast; music stations in a variety of genres (hits, alt.rock, country, hip-hop, etc); can also tune the music player page to a variety of terrestrial radio stations
    • MTV Music: streaming music; choose from a range of music styles (pop hits, urban hits, slow jams, alt hits, emo hits, etc.)
    • Grooveshark: music streams; choose from specific tracks or Grooveshark radio (alt, blues, bluegrass, classic rock, etc); extremely confusing interface using frames
    • Deezer: free listening to many styles of music; a variety of radio streams, playlists; premium subscriptions available
    • AccuBroadway: Broadway musicals; channels show different decades to choose from
    • thesixtyone: streaming music page-by-page; just open up the site and try to figure it out!
    • iSound: create your own stream; enter an artist name, and then listen to the created stream; login to be able to customize and save your preferences
    • Musicovery: create your own stream/mood; enter an artist name or mood, decade, and genre and go from there; very innovative!


International broadcasters; these sites represent international radio broadcasters; in most cases, these are the official government-run national radio services that stream content online in addition to providing short-wave or other means of broadcast; the country code before each name is to help alphabetize the listings

  • AL: Albanian Radio: the public broadcaster in Albania; Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTSH) (Albanian Radio and Television (ART)); Radio Tirana; headquarters in Tirana, Albania
  • AR: Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior: Argentina's state-owned international broadcaster; International Service of Argentine Radio; live stream; LRA Radio Nacional studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • AT: Radio Austria International: national radio of Austria; streaming audio and podcasts; topics such as music, culture, knowledge, politics, economy, society, and religion
  • AU: Radio Australia: the international radio and online service of the Australian national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; live streams and podcasts; eight languages and focusing uniquely on Asia and the Pacific
  • BE: Radio Vlaanderen International: Flanders (northern Belgium) International Radio; the international broadcasting service of Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT), the public broadcaster of the Flemish community in Belgium; live streams
  • BG: Bulgarian National Radio: Bulgaria's national radio broadcasting organization; international service Radio Bulgaria; headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • CA: Radio Canada International: the international broadcasting service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC); Radio Canada International produces daily and weekly programs in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic and Portuguese; main studios in Montreal, Quebec
  • CH: Swiss Radio International: Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC); inform Swiss living abroad about events in their homeland; raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries; nine-language internet news and information platform; live streams and podcasts; offices in Bern (headquarters), Geneva, and Zurich
  • CN: China Radio International: the only overseas broadcaster in the People's Republic of China; programs include news, feature programs, and music programs
  • CZ: Radio Prague: the official international broadcasting station of the Czech Republic; sound and text versions of broadcasts; information about the Czech Republic; a virtual tour of Prague
  • CU: Radio Habana Cuba: the official government-run international broadcasting station of Cuba; live streams and podcasts; information about Cuba; Reflections and speeches by Fidel Castro; headquarters Havana, Cuba
  • DE: Deutsche Welle: Germany's international broadcaster; its mission is to "promote understanding of Germany as an independent nation with its roots in European culture and as a liberal, democratic, constitutional state based on the rule of law"; live streams and podcasts; headquarters Bonn, Germany
  • DK: Radio Denmark: Danish Broadcasting Corporation; live streams; also television video; headquarters in Copenhagen
  • EG: Egypt Radio/TV: Egyptian Radio and Television Union
  • ES: Radio Exterior de España: a Spanish international radio station operated by Radio Nacional de España; primarily intended for Spaniards living abroad; live stream and podcasts; headquarters Madrid
  • FI: Radio Finland: Finnish Broadcasting Company (Finnish: Yleisradio or YLE); live stream and podcasts; headquarters, known as Iso Paja ("the big workshop"), in Pasila, Helsinki, Finland
  • FR: Radio France Internationale: a public service radio station from France; round-the clock international news; provides French and foreign-language broadcasts through its offices in Paris and abroad; English site; live and podcasts; headquarters Paris
  • GR: Voice of Greece: the voice of Greece
  • HR: Croation Radiotelevision: Croatian public broadcasting; Croatian: Hrvatska radiotelevizija, HRT; live streaming; headquarters at Prisavlje, Zagreb, Croatia
  • HU: Radio Budapest: Hungary's publicly-funded radio broadcasting organization; Magyar Rádió (MR, The Hungarian Radio Corporation); live streams; headquarters in Budapest, Hungary
  • ID: Voice of Indonesia: the World Service of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI); serves international audiences through RRI's international channel; live stream and archives; based in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • IN: All India Radio: the radio broadcaster of India (abbreviated AIR); one of the largest radio networks in the world; 27 languages; headquarters is at the Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi, India
  • INT: IPAR: International Public Access Radio; made available to program producers by NEXUS-IBA, a non profit, non denominational association of international broadcasters and program producers based in Milan, Italy that broadcasts member's multimedia on shortwave, satellite, TV, and the Internet
  • INT: UN Radio: United Nations Radio; covers the activities of the United Nations from its headquarters in New York and from around the world; podcasts and audio library
  • IE: Radio Telefis Eireann: Radio and Television of Ireland; abbreviated as RTÉ; the public service broadcaster of Ireland; live streams and podcasts; radio service since January 1, 1926; headquarters Montrose, Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland
  • IL: Kol Israel: Voice of Israel, Israel's public domestic and international radio service; operated as a division of the Israel Broadcasting Authority; Kol Israel International is a facility offered by the IBA in 14 foreign languages directed at audiences abroad or in the country; programs focusing on political, social, educational, economic, technological, and cultural issues; streaming and podcasts
  • IT: RAI International: Italy's public national broadcaster; Rai Italia Radio broadcasts music, information, entertainment and reviews; streaming live and podcasts; headquarters at Saxa Rubra in Rome, Italy
  • JP: NHK Radio Japan: the international broadcasting service of NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai - Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan's public broadcaster; streaming and podcast; NHK World Radio Japan; headquarters Tokyo, Japan
  • KW: Radio Kuwait: Kuwait's Ministry of information
  • KR: Radio Korea International: the official international broadcasting station of South Korea; KBS World Radio; a variety of programs and news on Korea's politics, economy, society, culture and traditions; streaming and podcasts; headquarters Seoul, Korea
  • MX: Instituto Mexicano de la Radio: Mexican public broadcaster; IMER ("Inteligente Manera de Escuchar Radio" (English:
  • NL: Radio Netherlands: a public radio and television network based in Hilversum, Netherlands; Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW, short for Radio Nederland Wereldomroep in Dutch); streaming and podcasts
  • NZ: Radio New Zealand International: a New Zealand public service radio broadcaster; a Pacific news service with Pacific stories and an online news archive; podcasts, a live audio feed, and on-demand news and programs; headquarters Radio New Zealand House, Wellington, New Zealand
  • PL: Polskie Radio: Poland's public radio network broadcasting corporation; Spólka Akcyjna (PR S.A., "Polish Radio"); streaming and podcasts; headquarters Warsaw, Poland
  • PK: Radio Pakistan: the state-run radio service of Pakistan; Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) or Radio Pakistan; live streams and podcasts
  • RU: Sputnik Intl: the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service; owned by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company; formerly Radio Moscow, the official international broadcasting station of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; live and podcasts; the oldest radio company in Russia; headquarters Moscow, Russia
  • SE: Radio Sweden International: the official international broadcasting station of Sweden; Swedish: Sveriges Radio International; streaming and podcasts
  • SK: Radio Slovakia International: Slovakia's official international radio broadcasting service; streaming and podcasts; headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
  • SY: Radio Damascus: The External Service of RTV Syria; podcasts
  • TH: Radio Thailand: the official international broadcasting station of Thailand
  • TR: Voice of Turkey: the international service of Turkish state radio; on shortwave, Turksat 3A satellite and the Internet; streaming and podcasts
  • TW: Radio Taiwan International: the international radio service of the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan; streaming and podcasts
  • UK: BBC Worldservice: the world's largest international broadcaster; politically independent, non-profit, and commercial-free; the English language service broadcasts 24 hours a day; began in 1932; programming includes news, features, arts, business, culture, drama, science, and sport; live streaming and podcasts; headquarters Bush House, London, England
  • US: C-SPAN: WCSP-FM, C-SPAN Radio; licensed to the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN); commercial-free public affairs programming; live coverage of congressional hearings, speeches, archival recordings of presidential tapes, judicial proceedings, studios are located on Capitol Hill; the station broadcasts on 90.1 MHz in DC and is on-air 24 hours a day
  • US: NPR: privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization; creates and distributes news, information, and music programming to a network of 900 independent stations; live streaming and podcasts; streaming on hundreds of independent radio stations; NOTE: NPR is no longer short for "National Public Radio"--the name is just NPR
  • US: Voice of America: the official external radio and television broadcasting service of the United States federal government; live streams and podcasts; headquarters Washington, DC
  • VA: Vatican Radio: the official broadcasting service of the Vatican; live stream and podcasts; established 1931
  • VN: Voice of VietNam: VietNam's national radio station; live stream and podcasts; Hanoi, VietNam
  • YU: Radio Servia: International Radio Serbia; live stream; headquarters Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
  • ZA: Channel Africa: the international broadcasting service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation; headquarters South Africa


Larger broadcast networks; these are some of the larger radio broadcast networks, primarily in the United States; most distribute content as live streaming audio or podcasts on the Internet in addition to over-the-air broadcasting through local affiliate radio stations; for international broadcasters, see the international broadcasters list

  • AFR: American Family Radio; American Family Association; live stream; affiliate stations; Tupelo, MS
  • AP Radio: news, programming, audio services; news, sports, business news, political news, technology news, entertainment, and weather; Associated Press founded 1848
  • APM: American Public Media; owner and operator of public radio stations; producer and distributor of public radio programming; producer and distributor of classical music programming
  • BBG: Broadcasting Board of Governors-US international broadcasting; oversees all US civilian international broadcasting--the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio and TV Martí, and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television; headquarters Washington, DC
  • Bloomberg: financial and business news radio; live stream and podcasts available
  • Capitol: Capitol Broadcasting Company; diversified communications company which owns and/or operates radio and tv stations
  • CBS IMG: CBS Interactive Music Group; Web sites and audio streams; webcasts; Web sites,, and
  • CBS Radio: radio network; operates over 100 radio stations; established 1928; digital online streaming and podcasts through CBS IMG
  • Citadel: Citadel Media radio network; Citadel Broadcasting owns 177 FM stations and 66 AM stations; programs and services include ABC News Radio, The Mark Levin Show, The Michael Baisden Show, The Huckabee Report, Imus in the Morning, and more; links to show sites; portions formerly ABC Radio Networks
  • Clear Channel: media conglomerate; US and international radio; outdoor advertising; subsidiary Premiere Radio Networks; headquarters in San Antonio, Texas
  • CNN Radio: network of news and other programming; links to podcasts on this site
  • Disney: Radio Disney; msuic and content for youth; streaming and affiliate stations; headquarters Burbank, California
  • ESPN: sports radio network; ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes Radio, US and international syndicated radio; site link for live stream; based in Bristol, Connecticut
  • Fox News: radio news network; affiliate stations; live streams and podcasts
  • IRNUSA: Information Radio Network; over 2,000 affiliates; links, podcasts, and station finder; headquarters Germantown, TN
  • K-LOVE: Contemporary Christian music; hundreds of affiliates; religious; headquarters Rocklin, California
  • NPR: privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization; creates and distributes news, information, and music programming to a network of 900 independent stations; live streaming and podcasts; streaming on hundreds of independent radio stations
  • Pacifica: listener-supported community radio network; affiliate stations include KPFA in Berkeley, CA; KPFK in Los Angeles, CA; KPFT in Houston, TX; WBAI in New York, NY; WPFW in Washington DC; and more
  • Premiere: Premiere Radio Networks; a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications; syndicates radio programs to thousands of affiliates; based in Sherman Oaks, California
  • PRI: public media content producer and distributor; live stream on this site; program and station locator; PRI productions include Studio 360, The Word; PRI distributed programs include BBC World Service, This American Life, and To the Point
  • Sirius: Sirius XM subscriber-supported satellite radio; more than 130 channels of commercial-free music, and sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather
  • Tribune: radio network owned by the Tribune Company; Cubs Radio, Farming America, National Farm Report; headquarters Chicago, Illinois
  • Triton: Syndicated radio programs; Dial Global independent radio network; Triton Digital industry content and Web site software; headquarters New York, NY
  • TRN: Talk Radio Network; syndicated talk shows; The Michael Savage Show, The Laura Ingraham Show, Mancow's Morning Madhouse, The Jerry Doyle Show, The Rusty Humphries Show, and more
  • WSJ: Wall Street Journal Radio Network; financial news and reports; affiliate radio stations; shows include The Wall Street Journal Report, Watching Your Wallet, Barron's on Investment
  • WestStar: talk radio network; shows include The Kim Komando Show, Goddard's Gold; affiliate stations; headquarters Phoenix, Arizona
  • Westwood One: audio content programming and affiliate network; links take you to show pages; station finder; program finder; radio, podcasts, and video; shows include the Fab 30, Inside Edition, Your Daily Dose with Dr. Oz, and more; portions formerly NBC Radio
  • WRN: international broadcast and transmission company; international stations include Radio Australia, Voice of Russia, Radio Sweden, Radio Guagdong, and more
  • USRN: United Stations Radio Networks; programs and programming services for radio stations across the US and elsewhere; based in New York City

Audio Links: Internet audio directories, broadcasters, and technology Technology

Information about technology and its use


Software used; in order to hear audio on your computer, weather streaming or from files, you'll need audio player software; there are many options, although some players are associated with proprietary formats (e.g., Apple's QuickTime with iTunes, RealAudio with the Real Player); many audio players have been expanded in scope and purpose to include a wide range of tasks, including selling music, managing all your music in libraries, and enabling you to create audio disks; with some effort, however, you can still get some players to simply play audio files--the best thing to do is turn off as many features of the players as possible

  • VLC Media Player: free and open source cross-platform multimedia player; plays most multimedia files and DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols; available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; from VideoLAN
  • Kodi: software for media; plays videos, music, pictures, games and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the Internet and used with televisions and remote controls (designed for a 3-meter interaction distance)
  • RealPlayer: audio player software; free software that allows you to listen to streaming audio over the Net or listen to audio files on your computer; plays proprietary RealAudio and RealVideo formats as well as others such as MP3 and Windows Media; also many options for shopping, ripping, burning and more; but with some effort, you can turn off features so that you can use the software as an audio player; first introduced in 1995; optional premium version available for more features; from RealNetworks
  • WinAmp: audio player software; plays a variety of audio formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio, and many more; visualization and skins; from Nullsoft
  • Windows Media: audio player software; tries to manage all your audio content and other things, but with effort, you can get it to just play audio streams or files; from Microsoft
  • iTunes: proprietary digital media player used for QuickTime; used as a store to sell you music, to manage content of Apple devices, to manage audio files on your computer; you can also use it to play music files; used to play the QuickTime format as well as others; Radio section of Library allows you to listen to a wide variety of streaming audio, apparently supplied from live365



  • How Internet Radio Works: HowStuffWorks run-down of online streaming audio
  • How MP3 Works: HowStuffWorks description of the MP3 audio format
  • Audio FAQ: Audio freqently asked questions; provides answers to common questions about audio equipment, selecting, buying, set-up, tuning, use, repair, developments, and philosophy
  • Ham (amateur radio) index; comprehensive directory of links to information about amateur radio use and broadcasting
  • Internet Radio: Wikipedia entry on Internet radio
  • RadioLinks: links directory designed for Radio Broadcasters


Periodicals and sites

  • Radio World: news and technology on the digital radio industry
  • Current Online: public broadcasting news; biweekly newspaper about public broadcasting in the United States
  • Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN): news and commentary about radio; covers online as well as over-the-air and satellite radio
  • Radio Ink: radio trade publication; paper magazine published bi-weekly for radio management; works to provide relevant management information, tips, and ideas for those operating radio stations
  • Radio Magazine: radio industry news; current events, infrastructure, digital radio, studio audio, transmission, information technology
  • Radio World: news for radio managers and engineers
  • Spectrum: publication of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; monthly magazine covering technology, business, and trends on society and business



  • NEXUS-Intl Broadcasting Assoc: association of international broadcasters and program producers; based in Milan, Italy; broadcasts on Shortwave, satellite TV, and the Internet members' multimedia audio and video program
  • NAB: National Association of Broadcasters; trade association of radio and television broadcasters; works on quality, profitability, content, and technology innovation
  • DiMA: Digital Media Association; advocacy organization for webcasters, online media, digital services, and technology innovators.
  • SoundExchange: independent, nonprofit performance rights organization; collects statutory royalties from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), Internet radio, cable TV music channels, and streaming sound recording
  • AES: Audio Engineering Society; professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology; founded 1948; audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide; promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research
  • APA: Audio Publishers Association; trade association that advocates the common, collective business interests of audio publishers; audio publishing companies and allied suppliers, distributors, and retailers of spoken word products and allied fields related to the production, distribution, and sale of audiobooks
  • MBC: Museum of Broadcast Communications; the history of broadcast communications
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