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Serial audio content created by Net users; podcasts are simply audio files that are offered as they are produced; you can download the files and listen to archived episodes of a particular series; see also Archives for audio files not necessarily created for the Net
  • Internet Archive--Podcasts: archived podcasts from the Internet Archive; over 18,000 digital items; part of the Internet Archive, an Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital form
  • Podcast directory: large subject directory of podcasts; from Arts to Variety; includes links to professional news organizations
  • PodcastAlley: Podcast portal; gives a searchable directory of podcasts, information about podcast software, a forum, a blog, and other information
  • Podcast Pickle: a podcast/vidcast community; find podcasts by genre, new, or top podcasts
  • Tech Podcast Network: the promotion of technology by using the Internet; audio streaming, podcasting, and new technology delivery mechanisms; search for a variety of tech-oriented podcasts in areas such as tech news, platforms, gaming, devices, and how to
  • NPR Podcasts: National Public Radio podcasts; archives of professionally-produced radio programs available for subscription
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