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Software used; in order to hear audio on your computer, weather streaming or from files, you'll need audio player software; there are many options, although some players are associated with proprietary formats (e.g., Apple's QuickTime with iTunes, RealAudio with the Real Player); many audio players have been expanded in scope and purpose to include a wide range of tasks, including selling music, managing all your music in libraries, and enabling you to create audio disks; with some effort, however, you can still get some players to simply play audio files--the best thing to do is turn off as many features of the players as possible
  • VLC Media Player: free and open source cross-platform multimedia player; plays most multimedia files and DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols; available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; from VideoLAN
  • Kodi: software for media; plays videos, music, pictures, games and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the Internet and used with televisions and remote controls (designed for a 3-meter interaction distance)
  • RealPlayer: audio player software; free software that allows you to listen to streaming audio over the Net or listen to audio files on your computer; plays proprietary RealAudio and RealVideo formats as well as others such as MP3 and Windows Media; also many options for shopping, ripping, burning and more; but with some effort, you can turn off features so that you can use the software as an audio player; first introduced in 1995; optional premium version available for more features; from RealNetworks
  • WinAmp: audio player software; plays a variety of audio formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio, and many more; visualization and skins; from Nullsoft
  • Windows Media: audio player software; tries to manage all your audio content and other things, but with effort, you can get it to just play audio streams or files; from Microsoft
  • iTunes: proprietary digital media player used for QuickTime; used as a store to sell you music, to manage content of Apple devices, to manage audio files on your computer; you can also use it to play music files; used to play the QuickTime format as well as others; Radio section of Library allows you to listen to a wide variety of streaming audio, apparently supplied from live365
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