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Web sites providing or guiding you to on-demand or streaming audio; the Internet has long served as a means to distribute streaming audio; over-the-air broadcasters as well as Internet-only sites provide audio streams in a wide variety of genres
  • Directories: Find radio broadcasters; these directories help you find licensed terrestrial radio stations; in many cases, links are provided so that you can listen live to their broadcast over the Internet; some directories also cover Internet-only audio stations; see also the portals for hosted collections of audio content and streams
    • Radiotime: directory of radio stations and audio streaming links worldwide; browse stations by geographic location or station format (music, talk, sports); links to live streams where available; includes licensed over-the-air stations, HD radio feeds, and Internet-only stations; excellent, simple, clean design makes this site a pleasure to use
    • Public Radio Fan: search interface to public radio worldwide; choose streaming public radio broadcasts by schedule grid, location, name, format, category, or language; podcast directory; satellite radio listings; hypertext cross-referencing of programs, stations, locations for easy browsing; clean, well-designed, highly-usable interface
    • Allegro: locate and listen to audio streams from radio stations; provides help with identifying the time of the broadcasts; from Public Radio stations
    • Dirble: directory for radio channels, both offline and online radio broadcasts; find and rate radio stations; listen to streams
    • Web-Radio: find radio broadcast as well as Internet-based audio content providers
    • RadioStationWorld: directory of radio broadcasters worldwide; search by continent, country, and locations
    • LogFm: popular radio stations; search by radio station name
    • Radio-locator: find radio broadcast stations; search engine for finding radio stations in the United States as well as some international stations; search by specific geographic location in the United States by a locator search engine which takes into account each radio station's transmitter power, antenna height, frequency, and antenna pattern, as well as the topography and geology of the surrounding area; find stations by city name or zip code; international search is by country; links to online streaming where available
    • RadioTower: find selected radio stations worldwide; search by station format, country, language, or keyword; rating system; incomplete listings of terrestrial stations that broadcast online, but a good selection of Internet-only stations
    • graphically-oriented guide to selected stations; you can search by country or genre and see a big list of graphics showing radio station logos; interesting way to quickly see major stations in an area, but difficult to find specific stations
    • MobTuner: mobile-phone compatible audio streams; directory of Internet radio by genre and country; channels are mobile compatible and tested on phones
    • Windows Media: Windows-media Internet Radio; directory of audio streams that use Windows Media Player
  • Portals: Major Internet sites providing audio content; see also the directories for guides to content from various sources
    • Live365: World's Largest Internet Radio Network; streaming audio network; members create their own stations; also some professional broadcasters use these streams to deliver content; wide range of content--over 7,000 broadcasters in over 250 genres from over 150 countries; ad-supported, but VIP membership available and some VIP-only stations; free membership required for extended listening; royalties for the music played are paid to artists and music publishers through royalty collection groups such as ASCAP and BMI
    • Pandora: streaming audio; wide range of content; user-generated stations; free membership (ad-supported) allows you to customize your stations (to some degree) and listen for up to 40 hours per month; customization uses the patented Music Genome Project to analyze attributes of music in order to play related songs based on user choices
    • Google Play: streaming audio
    • iheartradio: on-demand content aggregated from various sources; sources include radio stations and other media
    • Shoutcast: free Internet audio streams; these streams use SHOUTcast streaming media software for Internet streaming; this directory lists over 44,000 SHOUTcast stations world wide; genres ranging from alternative to talk; options to use different client software; very easy-to-use interface
    • Slacker: custom music, news, sports, and comedy; free content as well as subscriptions available
    • WRN: international radio networks and stations; live streams and podcasts; registration required to listen to some content
    • Loudcity: portal site for webcasters; many independent broadcasters providing music and streaming audio of all kinds; you can sign up to be a broadcaster; LoudCity holds webcastng licenses from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange; LoudCity is a member of DiMA
    • AOL Radio: free Internet radio stations (US users only); a wide range of genres; ad-supported
    • CBS Interactive Music Group content; streaming music, news, and sports
    • Radiotunes: Internet audio streams; wide range of genres; free listening (ad-supported); premium membership available for commercial-free listening
    • niche audio channels; editorially-manged channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio; webcast from San Francisco, California; music hand-picked by SomaFM's DJs and music directors
    • streaming music based on recommendation system (requires free login); start your profile with the names of your favorite artists; ad-supported, sales-supported
    • Soundclick: streaming music in a variety of categories; free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands; browse by music stations or charts; you can login to create your own stations
    • user-created stream of music tracks; free login required; like twitter, but for music--you sign up for a profile, become a dj, and then you can "blip" or add a song to the stream of "all djs"; you can follow your favorite djs or find other djs; you can just listen to the songs that are blipped to the stream
    • TuneIn: streaming and podcasts; sports, news, music, talk; access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent
    • Yahoo: Launchcast; music stations in a variety of genres (hits, alt.rock, country, hip-hop, etc); can also tune the music player page to a variety of terrestrial radio stations
    • MTV Music: streaming music; choose from a range of music styles (pop hits, urban hits, slow jams, alt hits, emo hits, etc.)
    • Grooveshark: music streams; choose from specific tracks or Grooveshark radio (alt, blues, bluegrass, classic rock, etc); extremely confusing interface using frames
    • Deezer: free listening to many styles of music; a variety of radio streams, playlists; premium subscriptions available
    • AccuBroadway: Broadway musicals; channels show different decades to choose from
    • thesixtyone: streaming music page-by-page; just open up the site and try to figure it out!
    • iSound: create your own stream; enter an artist name, and then listen to the created stream; login to be able to customize and save your preferences
    • Musicovery: create your own stream/mood; enter an artist name or mood, decade, and genre and go from there; very innovative!
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