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The Internet Tools Summary list now is formatted for convenient paper printing; I include the URL in the text of the entry for each item in the database. You are welcome to print paper copies of any page(s) of the CMC Information Sources list provided that:

  1. You leave the top headers intact and legible on all copies; and

  2. You leave the bottom copyright notice:

    © December Communications, Inc. (

    intact and legible on all copies; and

  3. You leave all other icons on the page intact and legible in all copies; and

  4. You distribute the copies for no cost over and above the cost of duplication and distribution; and

  5. In the event that you provide paper copies of any portion of this list to more than ten persons at a time or want to include this list in a paper book, send me a note and get permission beforehand.

    Thank you for your support!

23 Dec 1997
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