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Software used for group and large group communication, some of which is open (in which anyone with client software can join)
  • Chat Clients: Real-time exchange software; Description and reviews of downloadable software for real-time exchange (chat) of text and multimeida; from portal
  • Collaboration: Section from World Wide Web Organization's web on collaboration; covers collaboration, knowledge representation, annotation of objects by objects, notification, and any other issues which arise in the creation of shared information systems and collaborative development
  • Conferencing: Conferencing on the Web; a comprehensive guide to software for discussion on the Internet, including econferencing, forums and message boards, instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, groupware, social software for virtual communities, virtual teams, collaborative workgroups, intranets, e-learning, knowledge management; maintained by David R. Woolley
  • Groupware: Groupware section from Usability First; groupware is software designed for groups and for communication; This section provides a general overview of groupware, computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and associated design and usability issues
  • Blogs: Blogosphere Index; A reference page showing key links and feeds for exploring the blog community
  • Social: Social Nets Index; A reference page showing key social networking sites
  • User: User-generated navigation; a list of Web-based user-generated navigation content including social bookmarking and shared tagging or rankings of online resources
  • IRC Help: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) help archive; provides FAQs, primers, guides, downloadable clients and scripts, and server lists; useful for both beginners and frequent users of IRC
  • LISTSERV App: Mailing list management software; allows users to create and maintain e-mail lists on their corporate network or on the Internet, including newsletters, moderated and unmoderated discussion groups and direct marketing campaigns; LISTSERV is a software product of L-Soft international, Inc.
  • LISTSERV lists: CataList public LISTSERV lists; the official catalog of LISTSERV lists containing tens of thousands of public LISTSERV lists available on a wide range of topics
  • Directory of email discussion lists; provides access to descriptions of electronic mail discussion lists
  • Topica: Email discussion lists; catalog of thousands of public mailing lists on many topics
  • Usenet Info: Usenet Info Center Launch Pad; information about Usenet including introduction, history, and help information
  • Usenet via Web: Google Groups; read and browse Usenet newsgroups using your Web browser as a client software
  • Usenet FAQs: Archive of Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings; these are the FAQ postings of individual newsgroups on many topics and serve as a kind of collective memory for Usenet knowledge, lore, and historical documents
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