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Information for further exploration of Internet tools issues as well as source information used to prepare the Internet Tools Summary
  • Infrastructure: Computing, networks, and content infrastructure; technologies that support the computing, network, and content infrastructure for enabling computer-mediated communication on the Internet
  • Organizations: Networking and Standards; organizations involved in setting standards to enable computer-mediated communication on networks
  • Docs RFC/etc: Internet document archives of Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP documents; a collection of information on topics related to the Internet; Official Internet Protocol Standard; scurrent information as well as historical memos; includes the Request for Comments (RFC) series of notes still used to exchange information about Internet topics; includes FYI (For Your Information), STD (standards), and BCP (Internet Best Current Practices)
  • Net Spaces: Net Spaces reference chart; provides an overview of the different protocols that have been used on the Internet for information and communication and the searchers, subject, and server directories and lists available in each; provides historical interest in that some of these protocols are no longer used
  • Internet: Training and searching; information related to training others how to use the Internet and searching the Internet
  • CMC: Computer-Mediated Communication; information sources related to computer-mediated communication (CMC) technology, use, and study, with an emphasis on the study and understanding Internet-based CMC
  • Tools/EARN: Guide to Network Resource Tools; overview of Internet Tools, now of historical interest; European Academic Research Network Staff, Request for Comments 1580, For Your Information 23, March 1994
  • NIR Tools: Report on Tools; A Status Report on Networked Information Retrieval:Tools and Groups; report to increase the awareness of Networked Information Retrieval by information about networked information retrieval tools, their developers, interested organizations, and other activities that relate to the production, dissemination, and support; J. Foster, Editor, Request for Comments 1689, RARE Technical Report 13, For Your Information 25, August 1994
  • Net Tools 1997: Internet Tools Summary 1997; an archived state of the Internet Tools Summary in 1997 showing a collection of information sources about software used on the Internet for network information retrieval, computer-mediated interaction, and computer-mediated communication at that time
  • Top Software: Top Software Resources; lists sources of software for Internet tools as well as other applications
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