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Software used for a person communicating with another person or with a small group of people
  • Email Clients: description and reviews of downloadable software for sending and receiving email; from portal
  • Email Free: Directory of free email services; Although free email has becoming less available, there are still some Web sites that offer it, and this directory provides you with information about them as well as information for using Web-based email
  • Email Spam FYI: Don't Spew; A Set of Guidelines for Mass Unsolicited Mailings and Postings (spam); a discussion of unsolicited electronic mail and how to avoid it; Request for Comments 2635, For Your Information 35, S. Hambridge, A. Lunde, June 1999
  • ICQ: Instant messaging software; ICQ is short for "I Seek You"
  • Messenger: America Online Instant Messenger; real-time text exchange for small groups
  • Phones: Internet Phones; description and reviews of downloadable software to allow for voice communication over the Internet, much like a phone call; from portal
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