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Applications, clients and servers; enable storage of information on servers for access by users who have client software for a range of purposes more complex than just utility tasks
  • Serverwatch: Information about Internet servers; includes news, downloads, and reviews of Web, mail, news, ftp, and other servers; part of
  • FTP RFC: File Transfer Protocol (FTP); describes FTP terms and operation; Request for Comments 959, J. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, October 1985
  • FTPplanet: Directory of File Transfer Protocol information and software; includes instruction guides, help, and technical information about using FTP
  • FTP Clients: File Transfer Protocol software; description and reviews of downloadable software for transferring files over the Internet; from portal
  • Telnet RFC: The Remote User Telnet Service; describes the telnet protocol and its operation; Request for Comments 818, J. Postel, November 1982
  • Telnet Clients: Telnet software; description and reviews of downloadable software for allowing you to login to a remote computer host and use it as if on a terminal; from portal
  • WWW: World Wide Web Consortium; develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) for the World Wide Web
  • WWW Browsers: Web Browsers; a list of downloads for Web browser software with reviews; from portal
  • Webreference: Web technician's reference; includes discussion of technical issues involved in Web implementation
  • Web Development: Web content development; discussion of a methodology for Web content development involving issues of audience and purpose
  • HTML Station: HTML reference; includes demonstrations, tutorials, codes, specification summaries, techniques/technologies descriptions, and supporting information about hypertext markup language (HTML) and related technologies
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