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Software tools that are used to get a specific piece of information or perform a specific, focused task
  • Tools4Internet: for testing different aspects of the Internet and network infrastructure; includes ping or trace route, whois domain name information, web content analysis, web site traffc information, pinpointing any host or IP address on the map, security analysis
  • CAIDA Utilities: Tools, software, and a taxonomy of research and visualization tools; from the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
  • Diagnostic: Net diagnostics; description and reviews of downloadable software to analyze your Internet connection to figure out why it seems so slow; from portal
  • Domain Tools: Whois lookup and domain name tools and information; domain suggestions, domains for sale, DNS tools, domain monitor, reverse IP, domain history, traceroute, ping
  • Network-tools: A form for a variety of lookups; whois, DNS, DIG, port, ping, trace, nslookup
  • Networking Tools: Networking tools provided as a public service by; Down Time, Port Scanner, WhoIs, LookUp, Reverse LookUp, Remote Ping, Trace Route, Message a remote host, Test servers, and more
  • IPAddressGuide: Free web-based IP address and domain name tools for Ping, Traceroute, NSLookup, CIDR, geolocation and HTML Validator.
  • Showipaddress: Identify your IP address plus; other utilities include WHOIS WHOIS IP DNS DIG Valid Email Port HTTP Ping Trace LG Query
  • Displays your computer's Internet Protocol address; includes links to information about related Internet Protocol tools
  • iTools/Internet: Internet Tools form; Web form to allow use of TCP/IP network tools (ping, nslookup, DNS, host check), Web tools (link popularity, server performance), and HTMTL tools (validator and tidy)
  • Multimedia tools: Multimedia and Video Viewers; description and reviews of downloadable client software for viewing movies, listening to sound files (including streaming); from portal
  • Net: Net utilities; description and reviews of downloadable software such as Internet toolbars, network monitors, automation apps, and others; from portal
  • Net Agents: Internet agent software; description and reviews of downloadable software such for filtering and downloading information from Web sites, using multiple search engines, improving the speed of your Internet transfer, downloading product updates, and other tasks; from portal
  • Networking: TCP IP Networking freeware; downloadable, freeware software to help with domain lookups, ip addresses, ftp, network information, and others; section from software site
  • Nslookup: Utility to query Internet domain servers to find out information about an Internet host; definition from Free-Online Dictionary of Computing;
  • Nslookup Def: Get Internet Protocol address or addresses based on a domain name
  • Ping: Ping via Web form; online form you can use to ping an Internet host; includes documentation
  • Ping Def: Utility used to test reachability of Internet destinations; sends Internet Control Message Protocol echo requests and waits for replies; definition from Free-Online Dictionary of Computing;
  • Primer: Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools and Utilities; an introductory guide to many of the most commonly-available TCP/IP and Internet tools and utilities; covers NSLOOKUP, ping, finger, traceroute, telnet, ftp, WHOIS/NICNAME, KNOWBOT, Archie, Gopher, Veronica, Jughead, WAIS, WWW; note that some of these tools are obsolete (see Graveyard section, below)
  • Robtext: "Swiss army knife" internet tool; checks a variety of things: if your mailserver is listed in any blacklist, ipnumber, dns-info for a specific hostname, dns-info for a domain, whois-info for a domain, reverse for a c-net, a specific route
  • Subnet Calcs: free online subnet, supernet, and CIDR calculators
  • Traceroute: Utility to determine the route packets take from a host to another host; definition from Free-Online Dictionary of Computing;
  • Visualroute: Visual demonstration of a tracerout service; choose a VisualRoute server to see a map of the route packets travel from it to an Internet host of your choosing
  • Lookup and domain search service ; queries domain registrars and returns domain name report
  • Whois RFC: NICNAME/WHOIS; a TCP transaction based query/response server that provides netwide directory service to internet users; can be used to identify owner and administrative contacts for a domain name; K. Harrenstien, M. Stahl, E. Feinler, Request for Comments 954, October 1985
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